In 2008 our first Super Silent Generator Van was built. This innovation lead to a new standard in The Netherlands. Besides larger ultra silent power generator trucks with extra loading space, we also offer towable super silent power generator sets.

True Hybrid

Ready for smart and efficient use: To gain flexibility and lower fuel costs we have developed a revolutionary True Hybrid generator van. The ultra quiet True Hybrid generator automatically combines Li-Ion battery power with ultra quiet diesel generator power in Full Hybrid mode. Or, if you wish, it provides Li-Ion battery power in Batt Only mode. Completely silent. While always having the ultra quiet diesel generator power available as back up,


We specify prime power availability for reliable and constant power supply, while more stand-by power is briefly allowed. Our diesel generators are special built to produce very low sound levels. The alternators, the AVR’s and the engine management systems meet the increasing demands of stability for use of modern electronic equipment.


Our Honda petrol inverter power generators are silent, fuel efficient and supply stable power for reliable use of modern electronic equipment.